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  • Beaver Builder Plugins

    A comprehensive listing of plugins, extensions, modules bundle available for "Beaver Builder" users.

    Bundle Modules / Extensions

    1. Beaver Addons - A power pack collection of addons in one plugin featuring: row separators, flip box, info list, gravity forms, testimonial slider.

    2. Ultimate Addons for Beaver - Amazing collection of modules like: creative menus, counter, blog posts, flip box, info banner, ihover, separator and much more.

    3. CB Custom Modules - A free plugin for Beaver Builder users with lot of cool modules including: particles, shade, dust, spotlight and more.

    4. WPsparkz extensions - Package includes: row styler, image separators and animated text styles.

    5. WPD BB Additions - It adds useful modules like optimized video embeds, static map embed and additional animation settings.

    6. BeaverLodgeHQ - It has cool collection of modules for Beaver Builder users. Also offer standalone plugins, templates and themes.

    Layouts & Sidebars

    1. Beaver Tunnels - Neat way to inject and display templates in any part of the Beaver theme or any page of your choice.

    2. Header & Footer Templates - Add any Beaver Builder template in header and footer areas from the customizer.

    3. Layout Inserter - It allows you to insert saved Beaver Builder layout template anywhere on the site.

    4. Reposition Sidebar Plugin - Reposition sidebar from right to left or remove sidebar in the Beaver Builder theme.

    5. Beaver Header Banner - Show full or fixed width hero image section before or after the header on Beaver Builder Theme.

    These addons work best with paid version of the Beaver Builder

    Customizing Beaver Builder theme

    1. Beaver Extender - Customize Beaver Builder theme more easily and quickly with powerful extender tool. It comes from folks known for popular "Genesis Extender" plugin.

    2. Child Themer Plugin - A professional tool to get started with child theme development for creating Beaver Builder child themes. Also support other theme frameworks like: GeneratePress, Genesis.

    Navigation Menu

    1. Beaverlodge Pushmenu - Create an off-canvas menu using the simple drag and drop functionality of Beaver Builder.

    2. Beaverlodge Menu Styler - Style the Beaver Builder module with FontAwesome icons to deliver a better user interace.

    3. Different Menu plugin - Display a different menu on pages, posts, archive pages, category and so on.

    Beaver Integration

    1. Genesis Dambuster - Easily switch to full width layout for Beaver Builder plugin when using Genesis child theme.

    2. Dynamik & Beaver - Plugin allows easy integration of Dynamik Website Builder with the Beaver Builder.

    3. ACF Template Builder - This plugin allow connection between custom fields by ACF (Advanced Custom Fields plugin) and Beaver Builder plugin to build: single and archive templates.

    4. BB Connect for Give - Easily show Give plugin's Donation form anywhere in a layout created with Beaver Builder.

    Borders & Dividers

    1. Shape Borders - Add different type of borders, curves, slopes using this plugin to make content more attractive.

    2. WPSM Beaver - Plugin has modules for adding: Classic Divider, Simple Icon, Spacer Gap to any Beaver Builder version.

    3. Column Separator - This plugin helps separate Beaver Builder columns with different shapes.

    WordPress Admin

    1. Beaverlodge Maintenance - Plugins help enable maintenance mode and allow use with a Beaver Builder Template.

    2. Peek-a-Boo - Get instant preview of your Beaver Builder website without first having to save and publish.

    3. BB Live Preview - By the press of a button view your layout as if you were on the frontend, not on the backend.

    4. Resizer - A Beaver Builder plugin for beaver.press allowing you to resize Beaver Builder settings lightbox window.

    5. Admin Page Spider - Plugin makes navigation within WordPress dashboard very easy with host of useful features.

    6. Quick Page Navigation - Quick Access to any page from admin bar to easily edit any page in WordPress or Beaver Builder.

    7. Beaver Brewer - It gives you the ability to install "homebrew" modules a la carte (no need for a separate plugin wrapper). It even enables developers to release their modules individually and provide automatic module updates through WP dashboard!

    8. Beaver Quicklinks - Add most common used buttons at top of editor bar for quick and easy access.

    9. Dashboard Welcome - Replace default WordPress dashboard's welcome panel with custom Beaver Builder template.

    10. Beaver Lister - Highlights pages where Beaver Builder is active. Also, displays modules used on specific pages.

    11. BB Shortcodes - This plugin adds support to use Beaver Builder templates via shortcodes wherever you like.

    Content Styling

    1. Checkerboard Module - A standalone module for Beaver plugin to display website content on checkerboard style

    2. Timeline for Beaver - Create cool looking timeline layout using this custom module for the Beaver Builder plugin.

    3. BB Module Map - Give maps a look new look with color and design changes with this Beaver module.

    4. Bootstrap Cards - Create cool looking Bootstrap cards in Beaver Builder easily with this custom module plugin.

    5. Expandable Row - Create simple expandable row effect and toggle any row in the Beaver Builder layout.

    6. Bootstrap Alerts - Create custom alert boxes and cookie based notifications with this free plugin for Beaver Builder.


    1. Beaver Responsive Fonts - Makes scaling of fonts more seamless by ratio value sizes between desktop and mobile layouts.

    2. Beaverlodge Transparent Header - Plugin allows you to easily add transparent header in the Beaver Builder theme.

    3. Beaverlodge Pageloader - This plugin helps add animated gif, svg or plain png as a pageloader to your website.

    4. Schema.org Settings - This plugin helps you identify structured data in Beaver Builder rows for: WPHeader and WPFooter.

    Login / Logout

    1. Login Box - Add login box in layout templates. Also setup redirects for new registration or lost password.

    2. Beaverlodge Logout - Quickly and easily add a Login / Logout Link to your menu in the Beaver Builder theme.

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