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Is Beaver Builder SEO friendly page builder for WordPress

Search Engine Optimization is very important for every website, be it your personal or client website. A lot of individual users and agencies have switched to using Beaver Builder page builder as their main development tool. Beaver Builder saves a lot of time by helping you develop websites quickly and more efficiently.

But, does this have a trade-off with website code quality in general and SEO in specific – when a website is developed using Beaver Builder page builder?

Basic page elements for solid SEO

Before we dwell into more details, let’s understand basic elements on a page you should be careful about with regard to search engine optimization.

1. Page Title – Title that displays in search results.
2. Meta Data – Meta description of the page.
3. OG Data – Open graph data for social sharing.
4. Content – H1, H2… headlines and image alt text.
5. No-index – Allow or block search engine access.

Let’s break down things further. Traditionally, a page builder would handle #4 above and all other points will be handled either by the base WordPress theme and SEO plugin that you use.

However, if you use Beaver Themer addon – then Beaver Builder page builder will be responsible for page elements as listed above (more on this later in the article). Source – SEO Mastery for Page Builders.

Beaver Builder is SEO friendly… provided

Beaver Builder is a modern generation page builder plugin which is neatly coded and produces relatively neat code. You can definitely build an SEO friendly website using Beaver Builder provided other elements used to create website compliment well and are SEO friendly themselves. Following is the low-down of major elements that are needed for SEO goodness.

#1 Select a good base WordPress Theme

Even though Beaver Builder will do major work in formatting content layout, it is the theme structure that holds the website together. Hence, a theme with proper schema markup and code structure is very important.

Also, the theme should be lean without unnecessary scripts and functions load. Recommended themes for Beaver Builder are Genesis Framework, Beaver Builder Theme, GeneratePress, WPBF Theme and Astra Theme.

#2 Select a good SEO plugin for WordPress

SEO plugin in the setup is very important. It handle features like meta title, meta description, open graph data, no-index, sitemaps and much more. There are many free SEO plugins for WordPress. I personally recommend using Yoast SEO plugin, though All in one SEO and the SEO framework plugins are also good.

#3 Using Beaver Builder the right way

Most common SEO blunder when using Beaver Builder is messed up H1, H2, H3 headlines flow. If you are using Beaver Builder within page content, make sure there is one H1 tag followed by multiple H2, H3 and so on headline tags. Also, remember to add relevant alt text when using images. If possible, avoid too much nesting of columns into columns for a neater code output.

Role of Beaver Themer addon

If you are using Beaver Themer addon in the setup, then header and footer schema markup will not be handled by the WordPress theme. Fortunately, Beaver Theme addon neatly output header and footer schema markup when using Beaver Builder for creating header and footer layouts. No SEO concerns here!

Learn to refine your process for SEO

Refinement of website building and content creation routine comes with practice. For example anyone can write meta description of the article, however not many can write SEO friendly meta description.

Similarly, writing alt text of the image does not end with just writing what image is all about. You need to correctly formulate one line sentence in active tone describing what is happening in the images contained in the content area.

All this and much more covered in the SEO Mastery for Page Builders course with sample examples and more action-able details.

Beaver Builder is definitely an SEO friendly tool for building websites, provided you can piece other elements discussed above correctly with the Beaver Builder.

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