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  • Beaver Themer Plugin

    Use Builder to create custom layout for parts of the theme with "Dynamic Content" including single posts, archive pages, custom fields, WooCommerce Product pages, ACF fields data and much more.

    What is Beaver Themer plugin

    We are already accustomed to using "Beaver Builder plugin" for building page layouts with simple drag and drop routine. "Beaver Themer" plugin extends this layout building experience to dynamic parts of the theme like single posts, archives pages, custom fields and much more.

    For example: While building a "single post" layout, the featured image and author field sections are displayed at a specific location within the blog post layout. How about changing their position and design using simple drag & drop using Beaver Builder? That is the power of Beaver Themer addon.

    Besides functionality, you can do custom styling like: changing background color, background image, border and much more using default settings provided by the Beaver themer plugin.

    You can also use this to create pages outputting custom fields content, WooCommerce product fields for product pages, ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) data display and much more.

    Things to know

    Download - Beta version of the Beaver Themer extension plugin is available for all existing Beaver Builder users. You can download the stable version of Beaver Themer by clicking download button below.

    Price - It will be available for $147 with 40% off on renewals. Purchases within first 2 weeks get 25% off (so grab it for $110). You would need Beaver Builder plugin to use this extension plugin.

    Theme - It is compatible with: Genesis Themes, GeneratePress, Beaver Builder theme. More theme compatibility may be added depending on user feedback in the alpha stage and so on.

    Beaver Themer Plugin Tutorials

    Listing of Beaver Themer plugin: tutorials, how-to videos from official and community websites.

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