Which Beaver Builder package / plan should I buy

Not sure which is the best Beaver Builder package for your specific web development needs? Following information should help you decide on buying specific Beaver Builder package / plan containing: Beaver Builder plugin and Beaver Builder theme.

Beaver Builder packages: Standard, Pro, Agency

Each package vary in price tag, products (Beaver Builder plugin, Beaver Builder theme) and features. As of today [Jan 11, 2017] Beaver Builder is available in 3 packages: Standard ($99), Pro ($199) and Agency ($399).

Beaver Builder plans packages

Features common to all packages:
1. Use on unlimited number of websites.
2. Support and updates for one calendar year.
3. All renewals at 40% discount.
4. Access to premium modules and templates.
5. Ability to upgrade to the next package anytime.
6. Get refund within 30 days of the purchase.

Package contents: Beaver plugin & Beaver theme

There are two major products in the package offering: Beaver Builder plugin and Beaver Builder theme. Both are independent products and do not need each other to function (but they are an excellent combo for the web development workflow).

Note: Beaver Builder plugin does not require Beaver Builder theme to work. Beaver Builder plugin would work on almost all neatly coded WordPress themes.

Standard($99) package is for you…

1. If you are going to use Beaver Builder for the first time (& upgrade later!).
2. If you intend to use only the “Beaver Builder plugin”.
3. If you already have a favorite base WordPress theme or framework like Genesis and do not need Beaver Builder WordPress theme.
4. If you are going to build just a personal website and / or very few client sites.
5. If you are not going to use Beaver Builder plugin on a “multisite” setup.

Here multisite does not mean multiple websites. You can use Beaver Builder plugin on multiple websites. Multsite is a very different concept used by very small percentage of WordPress users. Multisite allows you to run network of multiple WordPress websites from one single WordPress installation.

Pro($199) package is for you…

1. If you are in business of developing websites for clients.
2. If you want to use Beaver Builder plugin on Beaver Builder theme (seriously, best combination – stable & update seamlessly).
3. If you are going to use Beaver products in geeky “multiste” setup.

Fyi… Beaver Builder theme follow child-parent theme framework structure. Besides the main (parent) Beaver Builder theme, you also get access to a child theme. On a live website you will activate the Beaver child theme and can update parent Beaver Builder theme anytime without breaking or losing out on existing customizations.

Agency($399) is for you…

1. If you run a web development agency.
2. If you are going to make lot of client websites.
3. If you need a stable WordPress theme (Beaver Builder theme) and a solid page builder (Beaver Builder plugin) to power custom and critical business websites of your clients.
4. If you are going to use Beaver products in geeky “multiste” setup.
5. If you want to white label Beaver Builder products. It means, ability to change all instances of words page builder and beaver builder in the WordPress dashboard of client websites.
6. If you want to build super amazing DIY hosted website publishing business.

Which package I bought…

I started with Standard ($99) package and then upgraded to Pro ($199) package once I realized the goodness of the Beaver Builder theme. I will reiterate, for building small business websites – Beaver Builder theme and Beaver Builder plugin is a perfect match. Of course, agencies I work with use Agency ($399) package for obvious ‘cool’ reasons.

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  1. Collins Agbonghama on November 14, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    Great overview and insight to the different beaver builder pricing plans.

  2. SS on May 29, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Hello Davinder,

    Useful information. but what about using lite version of beaver builder pairing with livemesh addons or powerpack addon.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Davinder Singh Kainth on June 21, 2019 at 1:32 pm

      Yes, a lot of users do that. Beaver Lite version with premium addon combo.

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