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Disable & Hide Animations feature in Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder has animation feature that allows you to display module(s) content through fancy animations like fade, slide and so on. While subtle animations look good – what if a client starts playing and makes the whole page layout an animation play mine field. To handle such clients, disabling existing animations and further hiding animation feature is a good solution.

Hide Animation section in Beaver [CSS Method]

You can find animation options under “Advanced” tab in the “Settings” pop up box of any Beaver module. Following image show before and after: in the first screenshot animation options are visible, while in the second screenshot they are hidden.

Animation option in Beaver Builder

Just add following CSS code (first part) to the style.css file your child theme or CSS box in the global settings of Beaver Builder. This will hide animation settings for the user.

Stop existing animations [CSS Method]

Animations are added via CSS. So, if your client has added tons of animations on multiple pages – no need to go through each page to remove animations. Just add CSS code (second part as seen above) in style.css file your child theme or CSS box in the global settings.

Hide / Disable animation in Beaver [Code Method]

Alternative to the above CSS method, you can may use the code only method to hide animation feature for Beaver modules and / or disable existing Beaver animations. [ Code Credits: Chinmoy from WPBeaverWorld ]

** Backup before making changes **
Add the following code in functions.php file. First part is to remove animation option in Beaver modules and second part is to disable existing animations.

No more animations mess, what say?

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