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How to import templates in Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder support standalone modular templates which can you added to a page or displayed using shortcode anywhere in the layout. Import of Beaver templates is done using default importer feature in the WordPress.

Procedure for importing templates in Beaver Builder

1. In WordPress dashboard, go to: Tools > Import in the left panel.

2. Click “Install Now” button under “WordPress section at bottom.

template importer

3. After installation, click “Run Importer” option.
4. Then select the template file by clicking “Choose File” button.

Selecting template file for importing

5. Finally click “Upload file and import” button.

Adding templates in dashboard

6. On the next screen, select username you want to assign to the template and click “Submit” button to complete the import process.

View imported templates in WordPress dashboard

You can view all templates by clicking “Templates” option on the left panel in WordPress dashboard (above the “Appearance” option). By default this option is disabled, you can easily enable this option to view “Templates” section in the dashboard.

templates in dashboard

1. In WordPress dashboard, go to: Settings > Page Builder.

page builder option in dashboard

2. Then click on the “Templates” option.
3. Click to enable (check mark) the “Enable Templates Admin” option.

enable templates option

4. Templates option will start appearing in the WordPress dashboard.

Use imported templates in Beaver layout pages

Imported templates can be used on both: new pages and pages with existing content ( using: replace and append options).

1. In WordPress dashboard, go to: Pages > Add New.
2. Add “Page Title” and then click “Page Builder” tab.

templates button page builder

3. Click “Templates” button at the top bar.
4. Select “Your Templates” option from the dropdown box.

Your templates in beaver builder

5. Click on the template name that you want to import.

If page is blank, selected template contents will be imported. If page has existing content, then you will get two options: append or replace the existing content.

Using only specific row of the template

If your templates has lot of rows or section, you can individually add specific row(s) to specific pages.

1. Click on “wrench” icon for the row (section) that you want to use.

row settings option
2. Then click “Save as” button on the overlay box.
3. Add unique name for easy identification and click “Save” button.

Using saved rows in beaver

4. Now Open page where you want to add that row in the page builder mode.
5. Expand “Saved Rows” section and drag that row in your builder layout.

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