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    ProBeaver Weekly 29 – Choices

    ProBeaver Weekly 29

    Free Interior Design Beaver template, Site Origin Widgets bundle for Beaver, Give Donations Beaver connect plugin, Beaver Stickers, Best WordPress theme for Beaver Builder plugin.

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    Center align, left or right aligned text in mobile Beaver Builder layout

    So, you have left or right aligned text in a “text editor” widget and want it to appear center aligned when viewed on smaller mobile layout. There is no default setting in the Beaver Builder for this. However, you can easily implement this using quick CSS. Default desktop view (left or right aligned text) Mobile…

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    Call phone button beaver builder

    Add Click to Call Phone button in the Beaver Builder

    Displaying a click-able Phone button is an important element of any small business website. With little bit of manual lifting, you can add “click to call” phone button in Beaver Builder child theme or in Beaver Builder plugin being used on any third party WordPress theme. Code to create click-able Phone button There are two parts of…

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    arrows icon to menu items beaver theme

    Add arrow to menu items with sub-items in Beaver theme

    Want to make the default menu in Beaver Builder theme more usable? How about adding arrow icon to menu items that contain sub-items automatically? With arrows in place, user can easily identify which menu items contain sub menu-items and this also looks more professional. Before & After: Arrow icon next to menu items Code to…

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    Margin space between columns on mobile layout in beaver builder

    Add margin space between columns in mobile Beaver layout

    So, you have added multiple columns in a row using Beaver Builder plugin. They look all good and spaced out in the default browser view. However, when you switch to the smaller screen view – columns stick to each other without any space or margin between them. Also, they touch screen edges at the smallest…

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    Change row background image to color for Mobile layout in Beaver Builder

    One can add background image in different orientations to any row in the Beaver Builder plugin. While background image on a row looks amazing in full desktop view, it may look little out of the place for smaller screen devices. So, what is the fix? How about switching background image with background color of smaller…

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    Show different content in sidebar widgets with Beaver templates

    If you are building a website layout that has sidebar enabled throughout, then you may want to display different sidebar content one or more specific pages. One can easily do this on any WordPress theme using Beaver Builder plugin. However, you would need a paid version of the Beaver Builder plugin as free version does…

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