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ProBeaver Weekly

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ProBeaver Weekly

ProBeaver Weekly 77

ProBeaver Weekly 77 – Stay Solid

By Davinder Singh Kainth | February 21, 2018

Custom Fonts for Beaver Builder, Beaver Sidebar with different contents, IDE for Beaver Developers, Inline Editing Preview, Beaver Builder 2.1 alpha Features, Astra WooCommerce Module.

ProBeaver Weekly 76

ProBeaver Weekly 76 – GutenReady

By Davinder Singh Kainth | February 15, 2018

Beaver Builder with Gutenberg support, Beaver 2.1 Features, Style Beaver Buttons, Medium like layouts with Beaver, Search & Filter Plugin Beaver Support, Events Page with Beaver Themer.

ProBeaver Weekly 75

ProBeaver Weekly 75 – Yes Change

By Davinder Singh Kainth | February 1, 2018

PowerPack 3D Slider, Mobile Friendly Beaver Headers, Beaver Interface in Gutenberg, LearnDash Beaver Integration, Better Mobile Menus in PBF, WooCommerce Module in Astra, Gutenberg Explained.

ProBeaver Weekly 74

ProBeaver Weekly 74 – My Label

By Davinder Singh Kainth | January 25, 2018

White Label Beaver Builder, Manage Beaver Module with Widget Options Plugin, Excerpts Editor for Beaver Plugin, Homeland Theme Review, Pro Beaver Websites Showcase, WPengine website made with Beaver.

ProBeaver Weekly 73

ProBeaver Weekly 73 – Go Update

By Davinder Singh Kainth | January 19, 2018

Beaver Builder Plugin & Theme Updates, WordPress Update, Columns Shadow Feature in UABB, Split Testing in Beaver, Sticky row on scroll, Terms Index Module, Why GPL Licenses

ProBeaver Weekly 72

ProBeaver Weekly 72 – Starting Up

By Davinder Singh Kainth | January 8, 2018

Beaver Builder of the Year 2017, Future of Beaver Builder, CSS Animations in Beaver, Post Timeline Module, Homeland Beaver Child Theme, Add Font Icons to Gravity Forms, Beaver Builders Talk.

ProBeaver Weekly 71

ProBeaver Weekly 71 – Milestone

By Davinder Singh Kainth | December 19, 2017

Beaver Cache Clearing Plugin, Travel Adventure Template, Features of Beaver 2.0 , Move Admin Bar, Page Builders and Gutenberg, WooCommerce in Astra Theme, Guide to Page Builders.

ProBeaver Weekly 70

ProBeaver Weekly 70 – Not Easy

By Davinder Singh Kainth | December 12, 2017

Automatic Beaver 2.0 Update, Upgrade Issues, Beaver Keyboard Shortcuts, Wallace Inline Editor for Beaver, Smart Settings UI Plugin, Date Time Picker in Beaver Settings, Top Page Builder Plugins.

ProBeaver Weekly 69 – Relevant

By Davinder Singh Kainth | November 16, 2017

Headline Animation Module, Smart Settings UI plugin, Membership Content with Beaver, Announcement Bar with Themer, Add Search Icon in Beaver Headers, Recommended Posts Filter plugin.

ProBeaver Weekly 68 – Change

By Davinder Singh Kainth | November 9, 2017

Beaver Builder 2.0 Change Issues, WPML Support for PowerPack & UABB, Beaver Builder 2.0 Features, Inline Editing in Beaver Builder, Image Box & Multi Marker Beaver Modules.

ProBeaver Weekly 67 – Its Here

By Davinder Singh Kainth | November 2, 2017

New Beaver Builder 2.0 is now available, Top Beaver 2.0 Features, Upcoming Beaver Builder Courses, Conditional Placement with Beaver Themer & Pods, Toggle Pricing Table in Beaver Layout.

ProBeaver Weekly 66 – Woohoo

By Davinder Singh Kainth | October 25, 2017

WooPack Beaver Modules for WooCommerce, Row Pilling Beaver Module, Comparing Beaver Builder with other Page Builder plugins, Mega Menus in Beaver Builder, PowerPack Discount.

ProBeaver Weekly 65 – 9000+

By Davinder Singh Kainth | October 19, 2017

9000 Beavers in FB group, Hotspot Module, Contact Form CSS Styles, Off Canvas Module plugin, EDD & Beaver Themer integration, Tilt Slant Text effect, Free Child Theme Generator Plugin.

ProBeaver Weekly 64 – Smooth

By Davinder Singh Kainth | October 12, 2017

Test Drive Beaver Builder 2.0, PowerPack for Beaver 2.0, Equal Height Beaver Modules, Change Beaver Keyboard Shortcuts, Use Themer for Custom Headers, Display CPT Data on Beaver Modules.

ProBeaver Weekly 63 – Soon

By Davinder Singh Kainth | October 4, 2017

Beaver Builder 2.0 schedule, New PhotoGallery module in PowerPack, Posts Layout Module, Rows with 50% equal height, Numbers Countdown Beaver Module, Tip to Edit Live Beaver Page.

ProBeaver Weekly 62 – Modules

By Davinder Singh Kainth | September 27, 2017

WooPack, Full Screen Overlay and MultiMarker Modules, New Beaver Template by PowerPack, Beaver FB group Welcome Kit, Events Calendar & Themer Integration, Astra Theme with Toolset.

ProBeaver Weekly 61 – Integrations

By Davinder Singh Kainth | September 19, 2017

Custom Beaver Theme Presets Generator, Themer Integrations, Top Beaver Builder Resources, Microthemer with Beaver, Admin Page Spider Update, Exclude WP Widgets from Beaver Panel.

ProBeaver Weekly 60 – The Berg

By Davinder Singh Kainth | September 12, 2017

Custom Presets in Beaver Theme, Add System Fonts in Beaver Theme, Responsive Breakpoints, Beaver SEO, Beaver Website Showcase, Astra Pro Theme for Beavers, Page Builder Framework Theme Updates.

ProBeaver Weekly 59 – Lets Talk

By Davinder Singh Kainth | September 4, 2017

BeaverDojo Podcast, Custom Tabs in Beaver Modules, Gallery Layout in Beaver, Beaver Theme Archive Description, Multisite Beaver Themer & Pods clone website, WPBF Free Theme Version, Sidebars Plugin.

ProBeaver Weekly 58 – Free & Free

By Davinder Singh Kainth | August 29, 2017

New Beaver Builder alpha update, Astra Theme & Astra Pro Addons Plugin, Beaver Themer Update, Post Title Overlay Tutorial, Sticky Footer in Beaver Theme, Beaver Builders Talk.

ProBeaver Weekly 57 – Drag Drop

By Davinder Singh Kainth | August 21, 2017

Mega Sub-Menus, ConvertPro Plugin, Empty Fields in Beaver Themer, Conditional Beaver Themer Shortcodes, Default Beaver Theme Presets, Custom Fonts in Astra Theme, PowerPack Modules Prefix.

ProBeaver Weekly 56 – New Shine

By Davinder Singh Kainth | August 15, 2017

Safe Mode in Beaver, New PowerPack Website, SEO Friendly Beaver, Pagination with accessibility in Beaver Theme, Page Headers in GeneratePress, Fancy Menus in WPBF Theme, ConvertPro Plugin.

ProBeaver Weekly 55 – Speed Up

By Davinder Singh Kainth | August 8, 2017

Beaver Insta Load Feature, Gutenberg Beaver Integration, Beaver support in LifterLMS, Logo Image Schema in Beaver Themer Header, Updates for WPBF and GeneratePress Themes.

ProBeaver Weekly 54 – Big Tribe

By Davinder Singh Kainth | August 1, 2017

Beaver Facebook Tribe, Getting Started with Beaver Builder, Compare Free & Pro Beaver versions, Beaver review from developer’s perspective, Envira galleries in Beaver Builder Tabs.

ProBeaver Weekly 53 – Shaping Up

By Davinder Singh Kainth | July 25, 2017

Duplicate Columns in Beaver Builder, New Beaver Alpha release, Dam Good Modules for Beaver, Combine menus in Beaver Theme for mobile, Show Stock Status in Themer WooCommerce layout.

ProBeaver Weekly 52 – Showcase

By Davinder Singh Kainth | July 18, 2017

Beaver Websites Showcase, BeaverDojo Podcast, PowerPack New Modules, Photographer Beaver Template, JavaScript in Beaver Builder, Talking Pods & Themer, Multiple Menus in GeneratePress Theme.

ProBeaver Weekly 51 – Mastery!

By Davinder Singh Kainth | July 10, 2017

SEO for Page Builders, Gravity Forms Styler, Semi Circle Module, Filterable Gallery Module, SoulSections Plugin, Off Canvas Menu Module, Time Content Plugin, Astra Child Theme Generator.

ProBeaver Weekly 50 – wow

By Davinder Singh Kainth | July 3, 2017

4th of July offers for Beavers, New Beaver Templates from Ultimate Beaver, MicroThemer with Beaver Builder, New Features in GeneratePress, WPBF Themes, Display Reviews using Themer

ProBeaver Weekly 49 – Right Vibe

By Davinder Singh Kainth | June 26, 2017

New Beaver Templates, Custom Author Page, Breadcrumbs in Page Builder, Hotspots Beaver Module by Draw Attention, Relationship data via Pods & Beaver, WooCommerce Product Archive Pages Layout.

ProBeaver Weekly 48 – Good Times

By Davinder Singh Kainth | June 20, 2017

First Birthday of Ultimate Beaver, PowerPack plugins, Beaver Builder 2.0 alpha released, Pods Themer official page, Creating Templates in Beaver Themer for Posts & Pages, FaceWP Beaver Integration.

ProBeaver Weekly 47 – Flexibility

By Davinder Singh Kainth | June 13, 2017

PowerPack 1st Birthday, New Text Widget Problem, Pods Themer addon plguin, Pods & ACF together, Disable Beaver Animations, Customize Beaver Modules, Making Beaver Sites Client Friendly.

ProBeaver Weekly 46 – Refreshing

By Davinder Singh Kainth | June 6, 2017

Beaver Builder 2.0 Interface Look, Beaver Popups Plugin, Duplicate Theme Layouts, Animated Hamburger in Beaver, Pods & Themer Integration, PowerPack’s 1st Birthday.

ProBeaver Weekly 45 – Showcase

By Davinder Singh Kainth | May 30, 2017

Beaver Builder on Product Hunt, Showcase Beaver website on Beaver Bunch, Astra WordPress Theme, Off Canvas Menu custom Module, Copyright symbol in Themer Footer, Create custom Templates.

ProBeaver Weekly 44 – New Stuff

By Davinder Singh Kainth | May 23, 2017

WordPress Builder Framework theme, Conductor Plugin with Beaver, Social Sharing for Beaver, Podcasts for Beavers, Pods and Themer plugin integration, Beaver Themer Tutorials.

ProBeaver Weekly 43 – Awesomeness

By Davinder Singh Kainth | May 16, 2017

New Beaver Theme features, Beaver Builder & Themer connect Plugins, Beaver ecosystem, Beaver Themer reviews, Beaver Themer How-to Video tips, GeneratePress Extender Plugin.

ProBeaver Weekly 42 – Get Themer

By Davinder Singh Kainth | May 9, 2017

Download Beaver Themer plugin at 25% discount, Know all about Beaver Themer like: headers, footers, blog layouts, templates with custom fields content, WooCommerce product page layouts.

ProBeaver Weekly 41 – The Best

By Davinder Singh Kainth | May 1, 2017

Best WordPress Themes, Website Hosting Services and Modules Pack plugins for Beaver Builder users, Why Beaver is Best Page Builder, Beaver Themer Date, Modules Extender.

ProBeaver Weekly 40 – Value

By Davinder Singh Kainth | April 25, 2017

Beaver update with new ‘Builder’ option & posts module with content limit, Beaver Theme Review, Center align Mobile Logo, Events Manager created with Themer, Beaver Themer Pricing & Value.

ProBeaver Weekly 39 – Positivity

By Davinder Singh Kainth | April 19, 2017

Facebook Groups for Beaver Builder, Page Builders List, Beaver Popups plugin, Beaver Birthday Party, Beaver Hooks Guides, Starter WordPress Themes for Beaver Builder.

ProBeaver Weekly 38 – Advanced

By Davinder Singh Kainth | April 12, 2017

Beaver Builder Advanced Facebook Group, New Beaver Templates, Mobile First Genesis Theme for Beaver, Beaver Theme Hooks Guide plugin, Beavers Talk, Beaver Beta / Alpha Updates.

ProBeaver Weekly 37 – Happy

By Davinder Singh Kainth | April 3, 2017

Beaver Birthday, PowerPack & Beaver Tunnels discount code, Beaver Child Theme Generator, Full width layout for CPTs, PowerPack addon vs Ultimate Addons, Beaver Slack party on April 20, 2017.

ProBeaver Weekly 36 – Waiting

By Davinder Singh Kainth | March 29, 2017

Beaver Themer alpha version updates, Beaver Tunnels Discount, New Beaver Templates, Set default Button color, Beaver with Search & Filter Pro plugin, Beaver Resource Guide.

ProBeaver Weekly 35 – Sharing

By Davinder Singh Kainth | March 23, 2017

Beaver Builder Resource Guide, New Beaver Plugin Update, Toolset integration, Creating Coming Soon Page, Pricing Tables Module, Responsive Beaver Settings.

ProBeaver Weekly 34 – Milestones

By Davinder Singh Kainth | March 15, 2017

Ava theme for WooCommerce & Beaver Builder, WPML compatibility, Build Landing Page video tutorial, Beaver Builder for Developers, Survey form for Beaver Themer plugin.

ProBeaver Weekly 33 – Beavers

By Davinder Singh Kainth | March 9, 2017

Socialize with Beaver folks on Reddit, Facebook & Slack, Free Spa Template, Beaver Themer with ACF, Full Width page Template Plugin, Be an efficient Beaver, Amazing Beaver Community People.

ProBeaver Weekly 32 – Packed

By Davinder Singh Kainth | March 3, 2017

Beaver on Reddit, Free Beaver Templates, Cache & Shortcode Plugins, WPML Beaver integration, Beaver Love, Beaver vs Elementor, Beaver Themer review videos.

ProBeaver Weekly 31 – Themer Time

By Davinder Singh Kainth | February 22, 2017

Amazing Beaver Themer alpha release, New Changes to Beaver Builder plugin, Free Beaver Templates, Beaver Comparisons, Add Free Icons to Beaver, WPD Beaver additions plugin.

ProBeaver Weekly 30 – Big Thing

By Davinder Singh Kainth | February 16, 2017

Beaver Facebook group 5000+, Free Beaver Templates, Beginners Beaver Tips, Build Landing Pages with Beaver, Beaver at top among Builder plugins, Love & Hate Page Builders.

ProBeaver Weekly 29 – Choices

By Davinder Singh Kainth | February 8, 2017

Free Interior Design Beaver template, Site Origin Widgets bundle for Beaver, Give Donations Beaver connect plugin, Beaver Stickers, Best WordPress theme for Beaver Builder plugin.

ProBeaver Weekly 28 – Spreading

By Davinder Singh Kainth | February 2, 2017

Beaver Lite plugin on StudioPress Sites, Beaver Booster plugin, Off Canvas Menu plugin, PHP7 switch for faster websites, Beaver Forum, Beaver Builder Tutorials.

ProBeaver Weekly 27 – Learning

By Davinder Singh Kainth | January 26, 2017

Beaver Builder Courses, Beaver Themer plugin, Beaver Hoover version 2.0 screenshots, WPD BB Additions plugin, Rows & Global styles, Theme Header & Footer areas.

ProBeaver Weekly #26 – Warm Up

By Davinder Singh Kainth | January 19, 2017

Ultimate before after Slider, Delete Beaver Cache plugin, Custom Post & Headline modules, Beaver Template Widget, Hate Page Builders, Beaver Builder Basics, Vintage Beaver Talk.

ProBeaver Weekly #25 – Happy Start

By Davinder Singh Kainth | January 9, 2017

Free Beaver Builder course, Video Background, Why use Page Builder, Better Video Embeds, Official Beaver Forum, Free Architect Page Template, 10 new Beaver Plugins.


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