ProBeaver Weekly 118

ProBeaver Weekly 118 – It’s Loaded


Big upcoming Beaver Themer update, new Themer header templates, create mega menu, Beaver UI enhancements, PowerPack update, new Beaver website, Assistant pro plugin.

Here is another issue of ProBeaver Weekly loaded with Beaver Builder goodness. The upcoming Beaver Themer is getting a big feature bump along with header footer templates. Plus, check a few handpicked tutorials to do cool things on your Beaver Builder websites.

Beaver Builder Buzz

1. Big Themer Change… is coming with the ability to use Beaver Builder within the content area of the post with Beaver Themer singular template. As of now, it is available in Beaver Themer 1.4 alpha (use only on dev install).

2. Header Footer Templates… are also coming to Beaver Themer. Check this video by David Waumsley previewing upcoming Beaver Themer 1.4 features including ACF dropdowns, breakpoints for sticky header, and more.

3. Creating Mega Menu… without any plugin is super easy with Beaver Themer. Check this tutorial along with code snippet to get going. Of course, if you prefer the plugin route, then there is the BB Mega Menu plugin.

4. Addon updates… the Powerpack plugin was updated with enhancements to modules for video, image carousel, and advanced accordion along with fixes to modal box, testimonials, and content grid.

5. Beaver UI Enhancements… is a community plugin by group of amazing Beavers that add useful UI features like distinguish better the nested columns, add small icons to nested columns, highlight columns and parent on hover, and more.

Beaver Builder Extended

1. Fresh Beaverness… with a new look to the official Beaver Builder website. There is also a blog post sharing the behind the scenes of this new design.

2. New Product… from the Beaver Builder team is brewing. The free version of the assistant plugin has been there for some time now. Get ready for Assistant Pro that connects to online (SaaS) space to store your layouts, media assets, and more. See video preview by David Waumsley.

3. Build minimal… navigation design look in Beaver Builder. Check the new episode of ‘Can it be done with Beaver Builder’ by Tim Preut for all the learning.

4. SVG goodness… always help. This suggestion (FB Group) by Jonathan Gwyer to add SVG icon option to icon and icon group modules is worth considering. If you like it, vote up and hopefully see it soon in Beaver Builder.

5. Another detailed review… of Beaver Builder by the team at WP Marmite website. The review sums up the goodness of the furry Beaver Builder!

Until the next time, the quiet and productive Beaver Builder community keeps chugging along building amazing websites.

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