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ProBeaver Weekly 64 – Smooth

ProBeaver Weekly 64
Oct 12, 2017
ProBeaver Weekly 64 – Smooth

Test Drive Beaver Builder 2.0, PowerPack for Beaver 2.0, Equal Height Beaver Modules, Change Beaver Keyboard Shortcuts, Use Themer for Custom Headers, Display CPT Data on Beaver Modules.

“Smooth” is one word to describe when you test drive the new Beaver Builder 2.0 version. The beta version is out and it addresses a lot of small user interface issues (reported earlier by various users). Also, Beaver Builder folks have set up an online test environment to test drive Beaver 2.0 goodness directly in your web browser.

Beaver Builder 2.0 beta

1. Test drive…  beta version of Beaver Builder 2.0 quickly. Justin Busa shared about new beta test website where anyone can play with new Beaver Builder 2.0 beta version.

2. PowerPack ready… for Beaver Builder 2.0 version. If you are an existing user, login into your PowerPack account and test drive PowerPack for Beaver 2.0 beta version.

Beaver Builder Buzz

1. Match height… of Beaver Builder modules for a better layout control. Check this smart code by Doug Belchamber.

2. Change Keyboard shortcuts… in the upcoming Beaver Builder 2.0 version. Use this code by Neil Gowran for custom keyboard shortcuts in Beaver Builder.

3. Website stripdown… has a new episode with David Waumsley featuring Doug Belchamber going through website.

4. Creating custom headers… using Beaver Themer addon is so easy and quick. Check this tutorial on how to setup and create a custom header using Beaver Themer addon for Beaver Builder.

5. Display Pods & CPT… data in Beaver Builder modules. Check this amazing video walkthrough by Doug Belchamber for showing custom post type data withing Beaver modules.

6. From archives… on how to open a popup box on click of a button in Beaver Builder layout. Check this quick tutorial for such implementation.

Beaver Builder Extended

1. Change responsive breakpoints… easily in Page Builder Framework theme. This new feature allows you to set any responsive breakpoints globally in the theme.

2. Now 85+ websites… made with Beaver Builder listed on the Beaver Showcase. Head over to Beaver Showcase to browse Beaver Builder websites made with Beaver, GeneratePress, Themer, PowerPack and much more.

Until the next time… for sure, need tons of patience waiting for the final Beaver 2.0 release.

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