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ProBeaver Weekly 70 – Not Easy

ProBeaver Weekly 70
Dec 12, 2017
ProBeaver Weekly 70 – Not Easy

Automatic Beaver 2.0 Update, Upgrade Issues, Beaver Keyboard Shortcuts, Wallace Inline Editor for Beaver, Smart Settings UI Plugin, Date Time Picker in Beaver Settings, Top Page Builder Plugins.

Change is “not easy”, be it personal or professional life. With some personal stuff, I could not publish ProBeaver Weekly for 3 weeks. All is good now and here is the latest edition of ProBeaver Weekly. As we spill into 2018, I am sure all Beavers are making 2018 plans and the “change” to Beaver Builder 2.0 version.

Update to Beaver Builder 2.0

1. Automatic 2.0 update… for Beaver Builder has started rolling out. Update notification will update Beaver to all new Beaver Builder 2.0 which feature all new user interface along with other new Beaver Builder 2.0 features.

2 . Beaver not working… after 2.0 version upgrade? Check this article by Nancy Hildebrandt for steps to quickly get going with Beaver 2.0 – in case it is not working properly (happens rarely).

3. Keyboard Shortcuts… in Beaver 2.0 are amazing. Check this list of keyboard shortcuts and get used to using them for more faster Beaver website builds.

Beaver Builder Buzz

1. Edit inline in Beaver… using Wallace inline editor for Beaver Builder. This neat plugin by Bradley Kirby adds the power of inline editing within Beaver Builder interface. For sure cool addition to the Beaver ecosystem.

2. Smart Settings UI… plugin has a new version with a feature to re-order rows. Smart Settings UI also introduces visibility settings to hide row or column based on three types: Breakpoint, Draft, and Schedule.

3. Beaver Website Stripdown… has a new episode with David Waumsley talking to Tara Claeys from designTLC. Check this cool video explaining website build using Beaver Builder. Thanks Tara for mentioning me, it is always cool to work with you.

4. Add date and time picker… to Beaver Builder settings form. Check this code intensive tutorial by Chinmoy for this implementation for cool looking date and time picker.

5. Page Builder roundup… featuring top 11 page builder plugins for WordPress users. Of course, it features the amazing Beaver Builder along with its competitors.

Until the next time… be good and do good. Life can be fickle!

Davinder Singh Kainth

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  1. Neil Smith on December 13, 2017 at 7:45 am

    A great tip with regard to the Wallace Inline Text Editor for Beaver Builder. Thank you for the heads up, Davinder. Much obliged.

  2. Regina Tuzzolino on December 18, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    Great info and tips, as usual, Davinder!

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