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ProBeaver Weekly 81 – Stability

ProBeaver Weekly 81
Mar 29, 2018
ProBeaver Weekly 81 – Stability

Facebook Modules for Beaver, Create Staff Directory with Themer, Restaurant Menu created in Beaver, Comply with GDPR in Beaver with terms option, Remove Current Post from Beaver Posts Module.

Stability of a product is the most important feature for me. No wonder I and many folks love Beaver Builder plugin as against others as there is no worry of things breaking on the next update. No shiny object syndrome for Beavers, right?

Beaver Builder Buzz

1. Facebook modules… have been added to the PowerPack plugin. Now you can use amazing custom Facebook modules via PowerPack plugin in your Beaver Builder layouts.

2. Create Staff Directory… using Beaver Themer addon. Check this tutorial by Hashim Warren explaining key steps over at the official Beaver Builder blog.

3. Food and drinks… menu created in a restaurant website using Beaver Builder. Check this tutorial explaining steps to create a cool looking food menu layout.

4. To comply with GDPR… subscribe and contact module has been added with optional “optional Terms and Conditions” setting in the latest Beaver Builder plugin update.

5. Remove current post… from the posts module in Beaver Builder. Check code shared by Michael Miller in the FB thread for an easy implementation.

Beaver Builder Extended

1. Freelancer DevKit… from Eric Hamm is now available. Freelancer DevKit is just like point, click and take control of your development routine. There is even 20% off until March 31, 2018!

2. Ultimate Beaver… addon now being used on over 68,054 websites as shared by Sujay Pawar. Ultimate Beaver plugin features a lot of custom modules and templates for Beaver Builder users.

3. Page Builder Framework… theme is now available in the official WordPress theme directory. You can easily download the theme from within WordPress dashboard and of course additionally get pro addon for more features.

Until the next time… too much shine can be blinding, go for a solid and stable base!

Davinder Singh Kainth

About Davinder Singh Kainth

Davinder loves creating and implementing online spaces. He has over a decade of experience reaching corners of: design, development, blogging and SEO. He also create products at SimpleProThemes(.com), WordPress learning at BasicWP(.com) & digital solutions at iGuiding(.com)


  1. PS on March 29, 2018 at 12:29 pm

    I recently had to make a choice between Beav Builder or Elementor.
    BB’s reputation for stability is what settled the argument for me.

    • David Waumsley on March 29, 2018 at 7:30 pm

      PS – that is great to hear. My biggest fear over adopting a Page Builder was that it could get bloated with all sorts of stuff that could not be sustained reliably.

      BB have not been afraid to hold back on popular requests until they know that can do it in a clean way.

      Such a relief when maintaining client sites

    • Athlone Harris-Compton on March 30, 2018 at 4:29 am

      I’ve been using Beaver Builder for coming up on four years now and love it. I can do things with BB that would have been very tedious without it, and Themer has opened up possibilities that were previously not available. A great combination without a doubt. Thanks for the info Davinder. As David says, keeping things clean and stable on client sites is critical, in fact, I think you only realise how valuable that actually is, when things go wrong. And it got me thinking, how often do things go wrong with Beaver Builder, not very often or closer to never. Thank you Beaver Builder for a great product.

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