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ProBeaver Weekly 85 – More


Twitter Beaver Module, Header Footer Beaver Themer Templates, Beaver Builder 4th Birthday, Create Material Design layout with Beaver Builder, Beaver Dat File Plugin, Beaver Builder is Fastest builder.

More… the better, right? Beaver Builder ecosystem is expanding with all the goodness of new features and products. PowerPack team just updated their plugin with a Twitter module and header templates. Of course, there is also a new course to become a Beaver Builder expert.

Beaver Builder Buzz

1.Twitter module… for Beaver Builder users is now available in the PowerPack. Here is the Twitter module demo displaying a variety of ways you can show your Twitter profile contents like buttons, grid, and embedded tweets.

2. Disable inline editing… a feature that was introduced in the latest Beaver Builder plugin version. Check the code snippet shared by  David Waumsley to disable this feature.

3. Header Footer templates… have been also added to the PowerPack. You can use these header footer templates via Beaver Themer plugin for a more faster building of websites using Beaver Builder.

4. What is Beaver Builder… if you are new to the Beaver world, then here is a quick introduction video to what Beaver Builder is and what you can do with it.

5. Beaver Builder Dat File… plugin make importing and displaying your custom stuff like modules, templates in Beaver Builder so easy. Check this plugin for awesomeness in Beaver Builder (Hat Tip – Victor M Ramirez).

Birthday: Beaver Builder, Astra & Discount

1. Beaver Birthday… was around the corner. The amazing Beaver Builder is now 4 years old. For sure, a good time to celebrate and look back. Well done and congrats to all Beaver Builder users and to the official Beaver trio – Billy, Justin, and Robby.

2. Astra Theme… is celebrating its first birthday. Astra is one of my favorite theme for use with Beaver Builder, can’t believe it is just been one year as it has made so much progress. Guess what… there is a birthday surprise 15% off available from 4th May to 6th May (Eastern Time). Another incentive to jump into Astra land!

Beaver Builder Extended

1. Create Material design… about page using Beaver Builder and Hestia theme. Check this detailed tutorial over the at the official Beaver Builder blog.

2. Page Builders speed… test comparison when using popular page builders with a Genesis Theme. No surprises as Beaver Builder was the fastest page builder.

Become a Beaver Builder Expert

Presale doors for “Mastering Beaver Builder” course close very soon. If you are looking to level up your Beaver knowledge and become a Beaver Builder expert, head over to Mastering Beaver Builder page and save $100 also.

Until the next time… new things always expand your horizon, keep trying.

Published By Davinder Singh Kainth

A Vintage Beaver Builder User and Explorer!
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