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ProBeaver Weekly 88 – If This

ProBeaver Weekly 88
Jun 7, 2018
ProBeaver Weekly 88 – If This

Beaver Themer Conditional Logic Options, New Beaver Theme Features, Wallace Inline Editor Lifetime License and Update, ACF Fields Viewer Plugin for Beaver Builder, Why Choose Beaver Builder over Elementor.

If This… then this conditional logic can be very useful when building custom websites. And guess what… Beaver Themer 1.2 alpha version introduces a lot of conditional logic settings to play around with. So much goodness to look forward in coming weeks.

Beaver Themer conditional logic

There are a lot of conditional logic settings now available in the 1.2 alpha build of Beaver Themer addon. You can read all about it here and let’s see some use cases.

1. Display a Themer layout only when users are Editors and they are logged in.
2. Show a fallback image when a featured image doesn’t exist.
3. Display a button only when a specific custom field has a value.
4. Hide a row or column containing an ACF custom field that doesn’t have a value.

Beaver Builder Buzz

1. Beaver Theme… is also getting a big update with a host of new features. You can read about all new upcoming features on this page and here is a video walkthrough of these new features by David Waumsley.

2. Lifetime License… of Wallace Inline Editor ends very soon, as lifetime option will be gone once they hit 200 lifetime users. So, if you have been wanting to get on with amazing Wallace Inline editor, need to hurry up.  New features like enhanced role manager, support for Beaver tabs was recently added by Bradley Kirby to this plugin.

3. ACF fields viewer… for Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer users. ACF viewer plugin by Didou Schol (forked version) adds the ability to view ACF data when in Beaver Builder editor or Beaver Themer for posts and archives.

Beaver Builder Extended

1. WPSiteSync… now has a dedicated Beaver Builder addon to facilitate use on websites using Beaver Builder. You can read about this addon and use of WPSiteSync for Beaver Builder. [Hat Tip: Nathan Simpson]

2. Conditionals… and complexity it brings in the Beaver Builder ecosystem. Check this insightful write up by Peter Luit along with very handy screenshot comparing various plugins for custom post types and custom fields.

3. Why Choose Beaver… over Elementor. This Facebook thread is on fire with everyone chime in with their likes and dislikes. I have been clear from the start, solid support and stability of update puts Beaver few steps ahead, at least in current times.

Until the next time… if and then is good as they invoke different options and opinions.

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  1. Jennifer Weed on June 8, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Conditional logic in themer is going to be AWESOME! I can’t wait!!

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