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ProBeaver Weekly 91 – Sharing

ProBeaver Weekly 91
Jul 26, 2018
ProBeaver Weekly 91 – Sharing

Beaver Builder 2.2 Features, Themer 1.2 Features, New Beaver Theme Features, Better Full Width 2 Columns Layout, Search Functionality in Beaver, Learning Columns in Beaver.

The beauty of Beaver Builder ecosystem, a lot of people are sharing how they use Beaver Builder to build awesomeness. Check out a few new faces doing videos on using Beaver Builder, bringing all new perspective on sharing and learning together in the Beaver land.

Beaver Builder Buzz

1. New Beaver 2.2 things… you should know. Check this article listing 8 things you need to know about the upcoming Beaver Builder 2.2 version with a bevy of new features.

2. Beaver Builder Theme… is also getting a big feature bump in the upcoming version. New features include: global button styles, dedicated H1 styles, new responsive menu animations, option to use Bootstrap 4 and much more.

3. Can this be done with Beaver… Builder is a new video series by Timothy J. Preut showing how to build popular website layouts in Beaver Builder. Check how to build Elementor homepage and Twitter homepage videos.

4. Better full width… layout with two columns in upcoming Beaver 2.2 version with the use of percentage values. Check the awesomeness in this video by Paul Lacey.

5. Building cool Search… functionality on your Beaver website using Search and Filter Pro plugin. Check here for the search box in action by Nathan Simpson and David Waumsley.

6. Learning Beaver Columns… to building layouts. If you are new to Beaver Builder, this video by Timothy J. Preut will help easy quick start on learning the use of columns in Beaver Builder.

Beaver Themer Buzz

1. Themer 1.2 version… getting all new powerful conditional logic features like displaying different header each month, hiding products already purchased by customer and more. Check this video by David Waumsley with a preview of things to come.

2. Using Beaver Themer… to build the custom header and footer layouts. Check out another new series by Athlone Harris-Compton to build header and footer using Beaver Themer addon.

3. New field connections… post author and last modified author will be added in the upcoming version of Pods Themer addon. You can check alpha release details as shared by Bernhard Gronau.

Road to becoming a Beaver Expert

A lot of Beavers are going to the next level with Mastering Beaver Builder course. An easy way to smash the learning curve for building amazing websites using Beaver Builder. Still waiting?

Until the next time… remember, learning by sharing helps everyone.

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