What is Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a plugin for WordPress (org) users to build page layouts quickly using simple drag and drop. On your existing or new WordPress website, you can install the Beaver Builder plugin and get started building complex page layouts without the need to code. Using Beaver Builder plugin you can build a whole website, just homepage, few specific pages or marketing landing pages.

Why use Beaver Builder plugin

1. Build quickly without manual coding
Using “drag and drop” functionality, you can build page layouts very quickly using Beaver Builder plugin. With a lot of inbuilt modules (like: button, photos, headline), just add required elements to the page to build a page you envisioned but held back due to “fear of coding” (you don’t have to code here!).

2. Modules eliminate need for other plugins
Beaver Builder has lot of “inbuilt” modules out of the box. Hence, it eliminates the need for installing additional (other) plugins for a specific feature set. For example: one can use “accordion module” in Beaver Builder plugin to quickly create a FAQs section as against installing a new plugin just for “accordion” functionality.

3. Works with your existing WordPress theme
Beaver Builder plugin work with all WordPress themes (almost all neatly coded themes that follow WordPress standards). Hence, you don’t need to install a new WordPress theme. Just start using it quickly on your existing (favorite) WordPress theme.

4. Fully Mobile Responsive
All page layouts created with Beaver Builder are 100% mobile responsive out of the box. For more control and refined look on smaller screen devices, you can also fine-tune settings like margin and padding for specific parts of the layout for tablet and mobile devices.

5. Builds fast loading Pages
Beaver Builder is designed to create pages with neat code output and fast loading. Due to its modular architecture (without the shortcode mess – yep, no shortcodes in Beaver Builder), it only loads script and style files required on a specific page – thereby resulting in optimized and faster loading pages.

Can I try Beaver Builder for Free

Yes, you can test drive online demo at the Beaver Builder website. Click here and then click on “Demo” in the header area.

Alternatively, you can also install the free version Beaver Lite plugin on your WordPress website. The free version has exactly same functionality as the paid version without access to advanced modules for building sophisticated page layouts.

Beaver Builder: Is it plugin or theme

“Beaver Builder” brand name is used for both plugin and theme offerings. So, there is “Beaver Builder plugin” and “Beaver Builder theme”.

Beaver Builder plugin is an independent plugin which works on any WordPress theme. Beaver Builder theme is a WordPress theme which is optimized for Beaver Builder plugin usage.

Bottom line… Beaver Builder theme is not mandatory for using Beaver Builder plugin. You can use Beaver Builder plugin on any WordPress theme. However, if you do not have any favorite WordPress theme or theme framework you can consider using Beaver Builder theme as base WordPress theme for website development using the Beaver Builder plugin ( and it works like charm).

Got Questions?

Still on the fence regarding “Beaver Builder”. Ask questions or reach directly via Contact page (see bottom right).

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  1. Daniella Louw on August 14, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    Is beaver builder still free? becuase now it is asking me to update it and my wordpress does not look the same I am not able to use it as I used to

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