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    ProBeaver Weekly 30

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    Best theme for Beaver Builder

    Which WordPress theme is best for Beaver Builder plugin

    Technically, Beaver Builder plugin can work with any WordPress theme. Unfortunately, a good number of WordPress themes have poor code and adding a page builder to the mix is a recipe for more conflicts, bugs and overall bloated setup. Also, theme stability, secure code and future updates are critical aspects. Hence, it is very important…

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    Which Beaver Builder package / plan should I buy

    Not sure which is the best Beaver Builder package for your specific web development needs? Following information should help you decide on buying specific Beaver Builder package / plan containing: Beaver Builder plugin and Beaver Builder theme. Beaver Builder packages: Standard, Pro, Agency Each package vary in price tag, products (Beaver Builder plugin, Beaver Builder…

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    What is Beaver Builder

    What is Beaver Builder

    Beaver Builder is a plugin for WordPress (org) users to build page layouts quickly using simple drag and drop. On your existing or new WordPress website, you can install the Beaver Builder plugin and get started building complex page layouts without the need to code. Using Beaver Builder plugin you can build a whole website,…

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    Retina Image in photo module

    Retina image display in photo module of Beaver Builder

    On high resolution screens of: mobile, tablet and monitors – images can look blurred ruining the whole visual impact of the layout. Concept of retina image implementation has been there for sometime now. Basically you display image that is double (2x) the size of image area within the layout. Retina [CSS] solution for Beaver Builder…

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    Open lightbox popup

    How to open Pop up box on click of button in Beaver Builder

    Want to open a pop-up lightbox on click of a button? You can easily do this out of the box using Beaver Builder plugin. Pop window can display any content including: normal text, video and even your Beaver layout template. Besides text button, you can also make click on a photo to trigger lightbox pop-up.…

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    Beaver Columns layout

    How to remove specific columns layout for rows in Beaver Builder

    Out of the box, Beaver Builder plugin allows you to add rows containing: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 columns. What if you want to keep only 1 and 2 columns row layout and remove 3,4,5,6 columns row layout? Chinmoy at posted a code intensive solution for this, here is a CSS based solution. Choose…

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    Use multiple fonts in headline module of Beaver Builder

    Do you want to use multiple font styles in the same headline text? There are lot of ways to achieve this, most common being using span with custom styling. However, that can be a messy implementation for “not so tech savvy” clients. Easier method would be using italic and bold tags. Implementing multiple fonts in…

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    Tilt Text CSS effect

    Create tilt or slant text effect in Beaver Builder

    Want to make normal text more fancy without resorting to image version of the text? Give “tilt” or “slant” effect to text using few lines of CSS for cooler looking text on your Beaver websites. Preview of left and right tilt text effect CSS to make tilt or slant text 1. Add the following CSS…

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    Import templates in beaver builder plugin

    How to import templates in Beaver Builder

    Beaver Builder support standalone modular templates which can you added to a page or displayed using shortcode anywhere in the layout. Import of Beaver templates is done using default importer feature in the WordPress. Procedure for importing templates in Beaver Builder 1. In WordPress dashboard, go to: Tools > Import in the left panel. 2.…

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